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Ministry of Energy and Industry



Energy revenues have helped laid a solid economic foundation in Qatar. Realizing this, the Ministry of Energy and Industry (MOEI) hopes to secure the country’s prosperity through the establishment of ultra-modern infrastructures capable of servicing and responding to the country’s changing needs...

Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs



The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs supports build and develops the labor market efficiently by utilizing the national, productive workforce and bringing in skilled expatriate cadres. Also, the ministry provides state-of-the-art services and leads the field of comprehensive social welfare and...

Ministry of Culture, Arts & Heritage



In 1966, newly created administrative units namely Doha Cultural Center and Folklore Censorship, and the Theater Section were all affiliated to the Broadcasting Department of the Ministry of Information. The establishment of these new units presented a prelude to the creation of Culture and Arts...

Ministry of Environment



The ministry of environment is striving to achieve several goals, most importantly, protecting the environment through inclusive and sustainable growth for future generation to achieve the vision of 2030.
Reaching the vision would be through wildlife growth, preparing and proposing laws,...

Ministry of Youth and Sports



The Ministry of Youth and Sports is in charge of enabling the younger generation, and to enhance their capabilities and recognizing the role they play in nation building. It also oversees improving the State's sports standards to reach levels of excellence. This involves overseeing the bodies in...

Ministry of Defence



The Ministry of Defence is responsible for defending the homeland. It leads fighting and support units including: Qatar Emiri Land Forces Qatar Emiri Air Forces Qatar Emiri Navy Forces Calibration Center of Qatar Armed Forces The Qatar Constitution directs and guides the defense...

Ministry of Justice



The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) provides legal services to lawyers, lawmakers and the general public. Vision The ministry is committed to spreading legal awareness and promoting respect for the law within Qatar. It aims to support justice and enable the State to enjoy peace, security and...

Ministry of Finance



The Ministry of Finance was created on 5/11/1960 according to the Emiri Decree. On 18/2/1962 Law No (2) of 1962 was issued to regulate the public financial policy in Qatar.
Ministry of Finance works to achieve the following objectives of the financial plan:...

Ministry of Transport



The Ministry of Transport is in charge of organizing land and sea transport; developing and improving transportation services as well as studying relevant projects and overseeing their implementation to help boost economic activity and serve the national development requirements.

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