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Al Jazeera Channel



A truly global network,launched in 1996, Al Jazeera Arabic was the first independent news channel in the Arab world dedicated to providing comprehensive news, and live debate.
The network challenged established narratives and gave a global audience an alternative voice—one that put...

Doha News



We are Qatar’s first digital news service. Since 2009, Doha News has been covering breaking news, politics, business, culture and life in and around Qatar. We’re a local start-up staffed by a small but versatile team of professional journalists, who’ve worked for...

Qatar Tribune



Qatar Tribune was launched on the 35th Independence Day of Qatar, under the parent company QIM Group, which has a history in the publishing, printing & distribution field.
Create forums that promote sharing of ideas among public. Maximizing our reach by...

Al Dawri & Alkass Sport Channel

Al Rayyan


Al-Kass Sports Channel is a sports channel that is broadcast 24/7 from Qatar. Its official name is Al Dawri wal Kass (Arabic:قناة الدوري والكأس), which means The League and the Cup in Arabic, since it was initially launched to broadcast domestic football in Qatar.

Al Watan Newspaper



Al-Watan (Arabic: الوطن‎ meaning The Homeland) is a daily morning Arabic language political newspaper based in Doha, Qatar. The paper is one of the three Arabic newspapers in the country along with Al Raya and Al Sharq.

Al Rayyan Satellite Channel



Al Rayyan TV is an Arabic satellite television channel broadcast on Nilesat that focuses on Qatari culture and national identity.

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